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I Sit down with Kelly McTaggart Community Engagement Advisor at Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
(CAPP) to discuss not just Alberta's Economic recovery but Canada's and what role Oil and Gas can play in our success.

The Support Local Movement has led Alberta into a Billion Dollar "Industry", proving that more products should be grown, processed or manufactured for local consumption.

Part 2 of episode 2 with MAPLE, the company behind Norquest College's new Virtual Care program in partnership with Health City and Alberta Innovates. Online doctors, virtual health & prescriptions in Canada.

After the announcement from Entos Pharmaceutical about their Fusogenix DNA vaccine development against COVID19, Sars, Mers and other coronavirus

Alberta healthcare organizations such as the University Hospital Foundation has created 2 campaigns revolving around Covid19 and support for our frontline workers. How can we be a part of this?

mmHg Inc. is a health technology startup company based in Edmonton, Canada.  We are developing innovations in blood pressure measurement, technology assisted care, and digital health.

A collaboration that is internationally recognized. iRSM has an interdisciplinary team providing expertise in surgery for neck reconstructive treatments and rehabilitative care.

In this special episode, we teamed up with Health City - Edmonton to highlight and celebrate National Nurse Week.

In this panel discussion between BioTalent Canada, University of Waterloo, IMV Inc and Health City; we get to discover how this collaboration has been benefiting University graduates to find successful jobs.

An entrepreneurial association that connects communities, provides professional development, support and inspiration for health leaders across the nation.

RWI Synthetics enables innovative decision makers to tackle the most complex, critical issues in their own live, at-scale models.

Gail Powley President of Technology Alberta talks to us today about what it takes to grow a sustainable advanced technology company in Alberta. We are going to cover it all.

Debbie Mastel of Debbie Mastel and Associates is a Talent Acquisition Professional who sits down with us to talk about what today's employers need to think about, look for and focus on when searching for the right talent for their organization.

What are Soft Skills? What makes Soft Skills important? What does an employer watch for when looking for soft skills?  These are just some of the questions we answer and explore in this episode

Anette Ceraficki, Director of People at Kudos joins Alberta Impact today to dive into options and solutions that employers can take back to their organizations and help keep their employees engaged and motivated in a positive way.

Today Thomas Keenan joins me to talk about what Alberta businesses need to do about cyber security and privacy for their companies and employees in this ever changing environment."

Today Javier Lozano joins me to talk about what Tech Employers need to explore when working with new disruption and how to adapt their business models for the future of work.

Edmonton Research Park Business Consortium fosters innovation, collaboration and commercialization in life sciences & advanced technologies, and enables entrepreneurs through mentorship, education, and networking opportunities provided in the community.

Today we sit down with ERIN's Co-Chairs Barbara McKenzie from Business Link and Zack Storms of Startup TnT to discuss the newly forming Edmonton Regional Innovation Networks (RINs) program.

Taking on the role of what's arguably the foundation of our Province, Minister Doug Schweitzer talks with Bryce about the notably impressive and speedy economic recovery Alberta is having, it's noteworthy sectors, and contributors.

The business of being a city police Chief is by no stretch of the imagination an easy task. It requires a multi faceted approach thats innovative and growing constantly to adapt and overcome not just a criminal aspect but a but a growing social concern.

Keeping a daily pulse on the global economic landscape, Rainmaker Global Business Development's expansion campaigns are built on a framework that tests your product directly within each region of interest.

Malcolm Bruce is first ever the Chief Executive Officer of Edmonton Global, a regional economic development corporation that drives growth and investment in the Edmonton region.

Discover the world of fraud investigation, underwriting of new application risk, fraud prevention, policy generation, compliance, managing 3rd party requests for information, crypto currencies and more with Ryan Mueller.

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