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Team CarePal is setting out to connect loved ones in an all-in-one management platform with resources and supports that will empower groups to take on the caregiving responsibilities together allowing the patient to receive care at home

SFST was developed with law enforcement for law enforcement to make SFST reporting easier and more insightful for officers.

Rogue 7 Inc. headquartered in Edmonton Alberta. Provides Machine Learning solutions for industrial automation applications. Their team has decades of experience, which they bring to clients who want more from their projects.

Clavis Studio has created a platform for designing and decorating virtual spaces with furnishing and materials that clients could actually buy. Providing photorealistic renders that would normally require complex software and a big budget.

Maxlab is a turn-key product design company with a strong focus on in-house hardware and software development, and aims to bring the Alberta and BC product, hardware, and embedded development to the next level.

Good Goods works to ensure that micro-to-small brands focusing on social good have market presence and success. Their goal, as a company, is to help to discover and support Canadian small businesses responsibly, while promoting community, sustainability,

When you choose Good Day, you're not just buying a product. You're joining a community that believes in the power of positivity and supports each other in seeking joy. Together, we're not just crafting eyewear, we're sculpting a brighter world.

Get a Site Going is an automatic website builder who's goal is to help solo entrepreneurs to easily create a website, with minimal investment of time and funds.

Unfortunately fires at Christmas happen. Trees and decorations bring extra hazards into our homes during the holidays. Extinguishing Ornaments protect you and your family by functioning both as an automatic fire extinguisher and audible alert device.

During the pandemic, 3 million jobs and $550 million in revenue were lost in the restaurant industry. DYNE helps restaurants maximize your resources across your entire business by centralizing data on your customers, operations, and competitors

Startup Week - Five days of workshops, socials, and events building momentum and opportunity around the city of Edmontons unique entrepreneurial identity, startup community & culture of innovation.

As part of the 1000 Women Advisory Committee Catherine is passionate about supporting women's education and women in business and is here today to talk to us about the 1000 Women initiatives.

Edmonton International Airports new CEO Myron Keehn sits with Alberta Impact to tell us about his vision, direction, and passion for the YEG airport.

Varme is a progressive, modern energy company that aims to shape the future of waste. With solutions that have the capability to divert up to 150,000 tons of waste per facility from Edmonton landfills, as well as established carbon capture and storage

The Public is a marketplace connecting food lovers to their favorite food makers and experiences, no matter their location. Through their online presence and physical retail, combined with neighborhood pickups and pop-up markets, The Public helps more

ORDR is a to-your-seat delivery service that makes it simple for customers to order food, drinks, and merch from venues all without leaving the comfort of their seats. When it comes to premium experiences, it's the moments that make the memories, Ordr

OONNIE is a local online marketplace that aims to connect producers and consumers. As a company OONNIE was founded on the premise that buying local food should not be difficult to add into your regular grocery shop routine.

Liquid's state of the art, cloud-based business software Edge-LQ is designed to supercharge companies' top performers by equipping them with the digital tools they need to flourish. Edge-LQ is used in a wide range of industries, from aviation and

sn biomedical was founded by Dr. Hillary Sweet and Dr. Matthew Nickel in 2019 shortly after graduating from their PhDs at the University of Alberta, with the goal of helping pets live longer, healthier lives. Kidney-Chek is a revolutionary saliva test

DeepBlueGreen is an AgriTech start-up that has developed a full range of novel products for supplying nutrients to plant roots that reduces water, energy, and nutrient use while increasing crop yield in indoor farms.

Cash2Crypto believes that cryptocurrency investment is for everyone. As a cryptocurrency investment platform, Cash2Crypto provides a simpler and safer way to exchange, from fully automated investing and private consultation to easing the process of buying

Bladeflex designs, manufactures and distributes innovative healthcare solutions for various musculoskeletal problems, enabling customers to live a more active and healthier lifestyle.

Founder and CEO Lindsay Mohr talks Airspace and compliance with his Edmonton based company who's mission is to provide customers with the tools and services required to operate UAV fleets safely and efficiently

When we think about innovation in Edmonton, the potential is endless. From the sticky problems that Edmontonian's solve to the brilliant people who solve them, Edmonton has always been a place that sees opportunity instead of barriers.

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