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We sit with Terri Gosine from Integrated Infrastructure Services with Edmonton Public Schools to take a look at some of the provinces latest schools that have opened. 

Hear the remarkable story of an Albertan company overcome challenges during covid.
Learn the new age way of running a business that includes employees as its core foundation.

Discover the world of fraud investigation, underwriting of new application risk, fraud prevention, policy generation, compliance, managing 3rd party requests for information, crypto currencies and more with Ryan Mueller.

Malcolm Bruce is first ever the Chief Executive Officer of Edmonton Global, a regional economic development corporation that drives growth and investment in the Edmonton region.

  • Learn about Bitcoin, it's accessibility through bitcoin ATM's and what does it means for investors.
  • Discover the world of cryptocurrency and it's future.
  • Decentralization of bitcoin, its impact and the white-glove approach for consumers.

Keeping a daily pulse on the global economic landscape, Rainmaker Global Business Development's expansion campaigns are built on a framework that tests your product directly within each region of interest.

The business of being a city police Chief is by no stretch of the imagination an easy task. It requires a multi faceted approach thats innovative and growing constantly to adapt and overcome not just a criminal aspect but a but a growing social concern.

Taking on the role of what's arguably the foundation of our Province, Minister Doug Schweitzer talks with Bryce about the notably impressive and speedy economic recovery Alberta is having, it's noteworthy sectors, and contributors.

Mark Benning of Sproutfund joins Alberta Impact to discuss the increasing success the province is having in the sector of Tech and how Sproutfund and Capital fund raising is so important for startups.

As President and CEO of Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Jeffrey Sundquist is a dedicated advocate for economic development and investment attraction, What does it take to highlight and promote investment to the Edmonton Region?

Fresh in the role but stacked with both the team and experience, Explore Edmonton CEO Traci Bernard joins me to discuss the importance, opportunities and potential future of marketing and selling Edmonton as a place to visit.

Guy Smith was first elected AUPE President in 2009. He previously served as a Vice-President from 1993-1999 and 2001-2003. Smith has been an AUPE activist at his worksite, in his Local, on the Executive, and in his community for 30 years.

We sit down with Tom Ruth President and CEO of Edmonton International Airport and learn how their forward looking initiatives are setting up the future of not just passenger travel.

By focusing on business development, innovation and community development. Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) has been working for more than 30 years to diversify and strengthen the quality of life for western Canadians.

We sit down with Luke Azevedo, Film Commissioner at Calgary Economic Development to hear about the expanding opportunities and growth coming out of Alberta's Media sector.

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We sit down with Mary Lee Prior, president of Economic Developers Alberta to discuss how they are working to help push the road to recovery through their programs and services.

Today we sit down with ERIN's Co-Chairs Barbara McKenzie from Business Link and Zack Storms of Startup TnT to discuss the newly forming Edmonton Regional Innovation Networks (RINs) program.

We had a conversation with one of Canada's leading and successful entrepreneur, Adam O'Brien who took us into a digital currency journey.

Meet the Director of Women's Entrepreneurship and Indigenous Relations Advisory Circle member at ATB Financial, Shannon Pestun. Shannon's commitment to advocating for women's economic empowerment has been widely recognized even by the Government of Canada

We sit down with Barbara McKenzie from Business Link to learn about the organization that has been around since 1996 and is the helping individuals start, run and navigate a successful Business in Alberta.

The Alberta Enterprise Group is the only group of its kind that puts direct action for Alberta business at its core. A community of Alberta business leaders who believe in driving change and building a brighter, more prosperous future for all Albertans.

What is your business forecast for 2020? Undoubtedly, the most important question for all Businesses in Alberta and Canada!

Ryan Vestby of CompuVision joins us to discuss our provinces cyber security and discusses what businesses should be looking for in 2020 with regards to digitization and focusing on technology for better efficiency to drive economic growth.

Did you know that Freedom Cannabis has the largest solar panel rooftop system in Canada? Innovation, Business and Medical meet. Learn more from Executive Director and C0-founder, Troy Dezwart.

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