Debbie Mastel of Debbie Mastel and Associates is a Talent Acquisition Professional who sits down with us to talk about what today's employers need to think about, look for and focus on when searching for the right talent for their organization.

What are Soft Skills? What makes Soft Skills important? What does an employer watch for when looking for soft skills?  These are just some of the questions we answer and explore in this episode

Stephanie Enders of Amii talks to Bryce today about how employers can integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence into the workplace to make our jobs easier and more efficient.

Anette Ceraficki, Director of People at Kudos joins Alberta Impact today to dive into options and solutions that employers can take back to their organizations and help keep their employees engaged and motivated in a positive way.

Today Thomas Keenan joins me to talk about what Alberta businesses need to do about cyber security and privacy for their companies and employees in this ever changing environment."

Today Javier Lozano joins me to talk about what Tech Employers need to explore when working with new disruption and how to adapt their business models for the future of work.